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How to travel to Vilnius


Vilnius is a modern and rapidly developing European city. After Lithuania’s accession to the European Union, its cultural and economic relations with foreign countries are extending, therefore the number of tourists coming to Vilnius is on the increase.

Guests are attracted by a favourable geographical position of Lithuania too, the so-called crossroads between the East and the West. It is in Lithuania, about 20 kilometres north of Vilnius, that the geographical centre of Europe lies.

Distances from Vilnius to the European capitals and largest cities measure from some hundreds to several thousands kilometres.

Amsterdam 1376 km 855 mi

Barcelona 2251 km 1399 mi

Berlin 828 km 514

Brussels 1472 km 914

Cologne 1302 km 809 mi

Copenhagen 826 km 513

Dublin 2054 km 1276 mi

Frankfurt 1249 km 776

Hamburg 1005 km 624 mi

Hanover 1061 km 656

Helsinki 611 km 380 mi

Kiev 581 km 361 mi

London 1730 km 1075 mi

Madrid 2665 km 1662 mi

Malmö 820 km 510 mi

Milan 1535 km 954 mi

Moscow 791 km 491 mi

Munich 1195 km 742 mi

Oslo 1055 km 655 mi

Paris 1704 km 1059 mi

Prague 899 km 559 mi

Rome 1710 km 1063 mi

Riga 264 km 164 mi

Stockholm 686 km 426 mi

St Petersburg 651 km 404 mi

Tallinn 528 km 328 mi

Vienna 950 km 590 mi

Warsaw 465 km 288 mi


You can arrive in Vilnius by air, by train, by bus or coach or by car.


Upon arrival at the airport you can rent a car, exchange currency at the Currency Exchange Bureau located on the ground floor, have a snack at cafes or spend time in a bar. There are travel agencies, cargo carrying and express courier by air agencies, and as many as eight air companies at the airport. There is also a duty-free shop, the newsagent’s, amber and flower stalls. Free wireless internet “Airport-free” launched at Vilnius International Airport.

The post office is on the first floor. Besides, there is a VIP room and a Business Club at the airport. If you came to Vilnius for a short visit, you can put up at the hotels situated next to theairport or book overnight accommodation simply in the arrival hall of the airport, on the ground floor. The medical aid station is on the second floor. The International Vilnius Airport is 7 kilometres away from the centre, or a fifteen-minute drive by car.For more detailed information about the services provided at the airport see


By bus:

No. 1 – to the railway station, runs every 30-50 minutes;

No. 2 – through the centre of the city to Šeškinė, runs every 10-20 minutes.

Bus times are available at bus stops or on the website

Tickets for trolleybuses and buses can be bought at any newspaper kiosk or they can be bought on the trolley/buss.

By minibus:

No. 15 – through the city centre to the outskirts of the city (Airport–Kalvarijų Street-Santariškės)

No. 20 – through the city centre to the outskirts of the city (Airport-Fabijoniškės)

No. 23 – through the city centre to the outskirts of the city (Airport-Konstitucijos pr.-Šeškinė)

No. 47 – through the city centre to the outskirts of the city (Airport-Pašilaičiai)

Minibuses run every 5-15 minutes. Tickets can be bought on the bus only.

By train:

Distance from the airport to Vilnius Railway station is about 5 km, the journey takes up to 8 minutes. Trains run approximately every 40 minutes. The schedule can be found Tickets can be purchased on the train or at Vilnius Railway Station.

By taxi:

Next to the airport there is a taxi rank. There are always plenty of taxis there. You can also call a taxi by phone. Taxi booking and information

Vilnius Airport

Cheap flights with RYANAIR and WIZZAIR


Ryanair fly to Kaunas, which is some way from the Lithuanian Capital. You can get there from London, Berlin, Barselona, Brussels, Düsseldorf,  Milan, Liverpool, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, Oslo, Paris, Tampere, Dublin, Edinburgh Airports.

Kaunas airport

For your convenience an express bus service runs from Vilnius to Kaunas Airport and from Kaunas Airport to Vilnius.

In Vilnius the bus picks up and leaves the passengers at Hotel Panorama, the bus stop at Kaunas Airport is just in front of the passenger terminal. Bus schedule is coordinated with Ryanair flight schedule and serves every flight.

You can get tickets at

Palanga airport

Regular scheduled flights from Palanga International Airport are operated by airlines airBaltic and SAS.


The regular flights are operated to Copenhagen (Denmark) and Riga (Latvia). Relating to good connecting flights from Palanga with SAS and airBaltic it is easy to reach a lot of other cities in Europe via Copenhagen and Riga.

For connecting flights please contact the travel agency or check the airline web pages: and



Vilnius is the perfect hub to explore the rest of Lithuania, and the train is the best way to do so. Cheap by EU citizen expectations, and very comfortable. Has a very extensive inter-city network, and there are currency exchanges/ATMS nearby for various international currencies. Vilnius rail station is pretty modern and easy to negotiate, trains to most parts of the country, also several international services.

Vilnius Railway Station, like the Bus Station, is situated not far from the Old Town of Vilnius.

If you come to Vilnius by train for the first time you can visit Vilnius Tourist Information Centre at the Railway Station. You will receive useful information there about how to spend your free time, about places of interest in the city, also, you will be given a free map of the centre of Vilnius and the Old Town, a flier about the most beautiful places of attraction. If you have not book accommodation in advance, you will be able to do it here within several minutes. We offer guests of the city who are leaving Vilnius to buy souvenirs, nice articles with the symbols of the city.

In the building of the Railway Station there is a Sales Agency where you can book tickets for international routes, rent a car, obtain life insurance. There are also two travel agencies, newspaper, souvenir and flower kiosks, and a grocery there. You can even book a train for an occasional trip across Lithuania at the Railway Station.

Train timetable is available on the Internet.



Vilnius Bus Station is located in a convenient place, next to the railway station, only a ten-minute walk to the Old Town. This is a perfect opportunity for tourists to visit the most beautiful place of the city within several hours. Trolley buses No. 1, 2, 5, 7 and buses No. 26, 34, 53 will take you from the station to the centre of the city.

At the International Ticket Agency you can buy tickets to Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Ireland, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Morocco, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and France.

If you are going to travel in the Baltic States the longdistance buses are a very good option.

By Car

If you go on a trip by car, you can arrive in Vilnius by the following roads:

Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipėda,

motorway A1 (E85)

Vilnius – Ukmergė – Panevėžys,

motorway A2 (E272)

Vilnius – Medininkai – Minskas, road A3 (E28)

Vilnius – Varėna – Druskininkai – Gardinas, road A4 (P42)

Vilnius – Molėtai – Utena, road A14

Vilnius – Šalčininkai – Lyda, road A15

Vilnius – Prienai – Marijampolė, road A16

Vilnius – Šumskas, road 101

Vilnius – Švenčionys – Zarasai, road 102

Vilnius – Polockas, road 103

By Ferry

The coastline of Lithuanian part of Baltic seaside makes the ferry one of the most optimal ways of passenger and freight delivery. Klaipeda, being the main port of the country, receives and ships the ferries. Regular ferry voyages connect it with the biggest cities of the seaside of the Baltic Sea: Kil, Lubeck, Copenhagen, Gdansk. Latvian Scandlines and an international company Lisco are the leading ferry operators in the port of Klaipeda.

Klaipėda has direct motorway links with Lithuania’s capital Vilnius (310 km) and Kaunas (220 km), the second largest city.