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Dear colleagues accordionists,

2018 was the year that all professional musicians celebrated a lovely anniversary – 85 years anniversary of the Lithuanian academy of music and theater (1933-2018). LMTA music medium was specially congenial for accordion community in Lithuania. Thats why Lithuanian accordionists celebrates today two important anniversaries – 60 years of accordion in Lithuanian academy of music and theater (1959) and five years anniversary of Independent Accordion department at the LMTA (2014), which heightened professional positioning of accordion between musicins even more.

We start to celebrate the anniversary year with significant and important event – the International Accordion Competition Vilnius 2019. As a matter of fact, we can say that Lithuanian Accordion Association activities and created environment for Lithuanian accordion art was special. And more importantly, that until now this practice is developing, progressing and bearing fruits. All the expectations, that International Accordion Competition in Vilnius would establish its traditions in the country and will become an attraction for international performers, educators and others art world representatives came true – competition thrives and grows, seeks and creates, breaks into and always surprise, and the Europe finally considered it to be prestigious event.

We, accordionists, are active, motivated and open to knowledge, so it is no longer a surprise that many young people are entering a world’s cultures. It is so great that this era provides a wide choice for growing artist, but also there is a temptation that can negatively affect sensitive artistic soul. We are constantly hearing about pop culture’s influence for art and young person, but if we have sufficient arguments, we can resist. Yes, the times are not easy, especially for the generation that can appreciate the main differences. In recent years, young person get “sick” with various IT technologies and hardly put on one scales academic music live concert and listening to pop music on the radio or through the cell phone. Even more, he doesn’t imagine that a few decades ago people went to a concert or a spectacle to experience the true art’s effects. After all, after logging to social network intuitively programmed browser know exactly what we want, isn’t it? Who would have thought that a time will come when the person is appreciated not because of his intelligence, ability, knowledge or talent, but because his selfies has a lot of “likes”. However, there is no special risk if we, civilized, culturally educated people, – teachers, artist, musicians will be able to persuade pupils, children and students, that art requires sacrifice, serious, deep work, patience and self-critical approach.

Recently, accordion is like in the state of weightlessness. It is operated in every way – not always positive, sometimes controversial or even with a mock. But it is nice to know, that there are extremely high-intelligence professionals, teachers and artists, who cultivating a velvety sound, flawless technique and seeking for perfect sound harmony on our instrument. So, let’s be the big musicians – real artists!

Since the 1994, every second spring the LAA and LMTA initiates international competition, which attracts to Vilnius a lot of brilliant young artists and gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their artistic and technical abilities, gain experience from other contestants and start their own way to professional career. For both performers and their teachers this contest is like a musical fiesta, dedicated to encourage the young generation of accordion culture and to honor teacher’s meaningful contribution to developing young talents.

Success to participate in the International Accordion Competition smiled for the most promising National Lithuanian Accordion Competition, which is held as a selection for International Competition, winners. The National competition involves only those artist, which passed the selection of regions. As is already common, contestants by age and selected performance genre are divided into 12 categories: soloists, ensembles and orchestras. We are pleased that this year the geography of performers is colorful and the international Jury is extremely high level. It is expected to meet participants and Jury members from Finland, Denmark, Italy, China, Slovakia, Germany, Portugal, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Serbia, Latvia, Montenegro, Croatia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and, of course, Lithuania.

We are delighted that the world’s most famous high school professors and top experts are willing to participate in our event and young performers has perfect conditions to demonstrate their abilities for the accordion elite.

We sincerely wish the greatest success at the International Accordion Competition Vilnius 2019 for all participants and their teachers. We wish even more determination and strength to spread the art of accordion around Lithuania, Europe and worldwide.


On behalf of competition organizers

Artistic director of the competition
President of the Lithuanian accordionist‘s association
Head of accordion department at the Lithuanian academy of music and theater Raimondas Sviackevičius

Welcome to Vilnius for the International accordion competition!